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Benefits of College Comfort Foods

            Whenever a person leaves their home they can end up feeling lonely and depressed which is something you may have experienced at least once in your lifetime. College students are more prone to experience this because it is their first time being away from their family and friends who have always been there for them. They are just beginning to venture out into the real world, which can be a challenge for someone who has yet to experience the challenges that the world sets up for us. Many college students fall into depression, which can either help or harm them. Many resort to comfort food, which reduces their depression, although it can also benefit them in another way. Comfort food can also help college students perform well in school because it reduces depression by reminding them of their homes, helps them associate with their culture, and it gives them energy. .
             Comfort food not only helps college students reduce their depression but it can also help students perform well in their academics. When someone is depressed they tend to lose interest in their learning and to the things that are happening in their surroundings. Comfort food can remind us of home because it reminds us of what we used to eat during our childhood. This can bring back good memories, which can cheer someone up. When a college student leaves home, they are not used to being in their own because their homes are usually filled with liveliness instead of emptiness. That feeling of loneliness can prevent a student from paying attention while in class and the student tends to focus more on the feeling that they are alone. Once that feeling of happiness starts to surface, the depression that the college student had starts to slowly fade away. When a person is happy, they are more focused on things and get a good vibe to do well. Being reminded of home can be quite beneficial because it reminds us that there are people out there that want to see us succeed.

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