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The Obstacles to Good Nutrition

             The women of Schreyer tackle world hunger, cancer, and society's energy problems.
             Walking into the dining hall located by Honors housing, a student is confronted with decisions. First and foremost, a student must decide between the places to eat and what type of food they want to ingest. There are many options, including Chinese food options, Mexican food options, a Panini grill, a fast-food grill, a pasta place, and the buffet. Many students have worries about their health and their weight; often, these two aspects of their body correlate in the minds of students. Low body weight automatically equals good health for a majority of my peers. These thoughts, however, can be detrimental to health, especially when it leads students to making careless nutritional decisions. As a Schreyer woman, I will initially comment on reasons for why making these unhealthful decisions may be easier and more practical for many people, especially for occupied Honors women. I will then discuss the health hindrances of eating poorly, and I will end my comments with health benefits for eating well. For Schreyer women living on campus the benefits of changing nutritional habits to be healthfully sound outweigh the ease and practicality of eating badly. Ultimately, I argue that Schreyer women should begin to put effort into thinking about their health without correlating it to their weight, while learning more about healthful nutritional options, due to the multitude of mental and physical health benefits that surround nutrition.
             Obstacles to Good Nutrition .
             There are many barriers that students face when deciding what food to eat in their day. Drawbacks to our dining options, such as availability and cost, plague the decisions of taxed college students and prevent them from making better nutritional decisions. In our dining halls at Penn State, for example, French fries cost 70 dining cents for an on-campus student.

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