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The Importance of Medicine

             Over the years, humankind has had the urge to achieve optimal health. Consequently, theories and diverse categories of therapies arose with the scientific development of medicine taking an upper hand (Gray, 2000, p.1). Treatment has become more dependent on technology and more subjective to particular body parts. However, the germ theory that relates to scientific medicine has faced rebellion since mid-1900's. Other concepts of treatment have consequently resurfaced in response to the desire to achieve optimal health. These concepts include such as the nutrition and exercise in attaining good health.
             Despite the various concepts formulated to help achieve good health, the massive population has continued to suffer from chronic diseases. The current treatment or regimes to ensure good health has been shown to facilitate natural body functioning. However, the prevalent occurrence of the chronic diseases requires methods to that will enable the body to heal efficiently. According to Gray (2000, p. 3), this shift in the desire of medicine has seen the change in medicine from pure scientific to that based on empirical observation. This shift in the type of medication has seen the revitalization of homeopathy. According to Owen (2007, p. 19), homeopathy is based on the assertion that 'like cures like'. Samuel Hahnemann formulated the concept of homeopathy.
             The application of homeopathy saw the rise of miasmatic theory. The theory arose due to the recurrence of chronic diseases after their treatment. According to Loukas (2005, p. 1), Hahnemann observed that disease-causing particles in the atmosphere caused chronic diseases. Hahnemann also found that the diseases would recur after the initial treatment. Hahnemann coined the word miasm that referred to obstacles that prevented treatment of the diseases. Hahnemann argued that this barrier was an infection that caused diseases, which he called miasms.

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