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Greek and Roman Medicine

            Ancient Greek and Roman cultures have had a great impact in countries throughout the world. As the two civilizations grew, knowledge expanded, which led to new medical discoveries. The study of diseases through literature and learning allowed for a clear understanding of the complex medical world. Religion also played a role in these remedial beliefs because they believed that gods held power over health and well-being. The Greeks" broad understanding of diseases and medicine allowed for the Romans to build from their knowledge, as Ellie Crystal explains in her statement, "with parallel beliefs, Romans adopted many of the practices used by the ancient Greeks" (Ancient Roman Medicine, Internet). The two civilizations can be compared in their medical studies through historical physicians, the role of religion and the understanding of surgery and diseases. .
             Historical physicians were responsible for the vast spread of knowledge in medical studies. In the Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Culture, the following is stated about Greek medicine: "Today knowledge of Greek medicine comes largely from the surviving works of medical writers of antiquity, from references in the works of nonmedical writers- (140). Many of the same historical physicians/medical authors .
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             were used by both the Greeks and the Romans. The Hippocratic Method, founded by a Greek named Hippocrates, was first introduced into Greek culture and later adopted by the Romans. "The Hippocratics emphasized careful observation and diagnosis" (Greek Medicine, 141). The Hippocratic Collection consisted of two pieces of writing, entitled Epidemics and On the Nature of Man (Greek Medicine, 141). Epidemics described various diseases seen in patients throughout time and allowed physicians to categorize symptoms expressed by an individual. On the Nature of Man was a, "famous (but incorrect) theory of the Four Humors" (Greek Medicine, 141).

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