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Contributions of Ancient Greece and Rome

            ´╗┐Throughout history, societies have made many political, intellectual, and cultural contributions. Two such societies were the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans. Both associations have made an impact on the western society. The Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans are the bedrock of western culture. There are many modern things and objects that originated from Romans. Ask your self, what month is it right now? Why do you call it that? Romans also had many political contributions, such as introducing a new type of government, such as the three branches of government to balance power out. In addition, Romans invented the census, which we use, and a new and unique style of architectural art. On the other hand, the Greeks sparked the subject of philosophy. They also began trying to understand about diseases and what they could do about them, and started developing medicine. The Ancient Greeks contributed to the western society, but the Ancient Romans improved on those contributions. .
             The Greeks have had many large impacts on the western civilization. For example, a political contribution the Ancient Greeks made was they began democracy. Greece, especially Athens, was the cradle/origin of democracy, which is what modern western society governments practice. The Greeks did more than contribute to us politically. Their intellectual contribution was extremely influential. They are known for their philosophers, astronomers, and mathematicians. They contributed many things especially to the scientific world, with everything from medicine to astronomy. In the field of medicine, the Greeks were the ones that started meddling with medicine in order to understand and treat diseases. In the field of math, the big names were Thales, Pythagoras, and Euclid. Thales was the one that found the negatively charged components of the atom, also known as the electrons. Pythagoras was a famous mathematician that studied astronomy, logistics, and geometry.

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