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            "Or perhaps not only the seasons but everything else, social history included, moves in cycles. Not, however, that earlier times were better than ours in every way- our own epoch too has produced moral and intellectual achievements for our decedents to copy. And such honorable rivalry with the past is a fine thing." This quote taken form Tactis, referring to his quote, that not just in time, but by advancements things repeat. He states that he does not think the past was necessarily better, because it is apparent that because of such advancements and achievements to people's everyday lives, each day is made easier with every advancement. Simply by this, the past is not always better than the present. .
             Regardless of weather the world was created by the big bang, God, or another alternative explanation, it is certain that Greece was blessed. Ideal utopia, every reason for one to bicker over possession. The Story of Divine Origin was fought by two brothers, Romulus and Remus. They were the sons of the war god Mars and beautiful princess. Because of their conditions, they were left to die of exposure on the Tiber river. Rescued by a kind soul, they were raised and when they grew old enough they both desired to build a city of their own, so they built the most beautiful city, in an perfect position. the only conflict was that both wished to rule. Romulus and Remus drew their swords for a fight, in which Romulus dominated, therefore naming the city after himself, Rome. Rome was not the first city and certainly not the last, as Rome's empire expanded, there was a need for control throughout its reign. Many smaller city-states popped up who were in need of a central form of government, to keep control. .
             In 47 BC, Caesar, who was one of such chosen rulers, had won the civil war against Pompeii and was to become the dictator of Rome. Julius Caesar had many plans for Rome, the biggest of which was to recreate the republic to better suit the needs for the majority of the population, not just the patricians .

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