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            Years ago, Roman legions built roads and highways. It was controlled by fierce Muslims. Greeks influenced Rome's architecture. .
             Pompeii was a great city. In 79 AD, thousands of people died from an erupting volcano. The eruption was so strong, that no one could outrun from the flowing lava. Everything was buried in ash and everyone was burned to death. Excavations of this site started about 1600 years later, where they found out that the lava had hardened and cemented everything that was there into its place and was preserved so scientists were able to dig it up. Remains of Roman cities were found across three continents.
             Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome. Rome built its empire through alliances, treaties, and military conquests. The empire collapsed around 400 AD. Cities were the center of Roman culture. They were all built the same, and this made it easy to control. .
             Building structures were built to last and show the character of the land. All cities began with their layout or grid. Major public buildings were placed in the center of the city, like the forum, theaters, baths, gyms, aqueducts, and markets. Surrounding this was the residential areas. The forum is where people would hold court cases, social events, and voting's. A wall surrounded the city to set geographic limit and a protection of the gods. It was the dividing line between culture and chaos. There were four gates to get in. These gates were the starting points for all the main roads. All Roman cities were built as a square. Rome had a right angle street plan. Aqueducts were built on a slope on a series of arches. This carried water into a city.
             The theater was a place where shows and plays were performed. The amphitheater was where sports were performed like gladiators and wild animals. It was all built on semi-circular arches. The amphitheater could fit twenty-four thousand spectators. .
             Rome invented concrete. They even made a form of hydraulic concrete, which could form underwater.

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