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Decline of Rome

             As my family has the line of ancestors that have continually fought in the military of Rome, I have watched the constant decline of this once great military power. To see this ever-growing unorganized rabble of people and say that this was once the greatest power in the world would be disgraceful. The decline in the Roman values that we once held is one of the key factors of why this military has grown weak. The majority of the population only cares about their food and their entertainment. There is no willingness to be the great power that Rome once was. There is also a lack of loyalty to this great government of Rome. The population has no willingness at all to participate in the government or the military as long as they continue to get their free food and entertainment. Also, the immigrants no longer have a need to serve a time enlisted in the military because citizenship is granted freely to them. .
             The empire, if we should still call it that, would be better off if there was "war, starvation, and forcible deportation ." At least this way the citizens would try to participate in government and the military and the immigrants would have a need and want to serve in the Roman military to receive their citizenship. The people of this country have also seemed to lack their great loyalty to this country as their values and thoughts remain in other areas. The government and the leaders who control it have changed so much in the recent times that the people almost don't know where their loyalty should exist. Since the Roman people lack a necessary amount of loyalty and have no incentive to enlist there is a too high of a reliance on mercenaries. These mercenaries not only could care less about fighting for Rome, but they would even think it better if Rome lost because they were once enemies of the empire themselves.
             The people of Rome need to do some thinking and figure out what is really important in their lives as citizens.

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