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History of Rome

            Rome is believed to have been born around 625 B., where people known as the Etruscans influenced the early stages of the growth of Rome. When these people came to Rome they saw much prospects for development so they imposed their culture and technology on this pastoral community and left behind a city. The Romans were much like the Etruscans, as they adapted many things such as the dress (toga) and also their alphabet, but they were also very different. The Romans being a noble and proud group of people believed that they were independent of their culture and hence later chased the Etruscans out of their city and formulated a story of the birth of their city. This was the story of Romulus and Remus, which basically implied that Rome was of godlike ancestry.
             In the time of the Romans (509 B.C.- 1453 A.D.) many great tasks were accomplished and feats overcome. The people of Rome excelled in every aspect of life, which they happened to come across. These people are known for their calendar, government, military forces, roads, aqueducts, language and also Christianity. So they pretty much were a superior group during their reign in Western Society. .
             The Romans were well known for their remarkable system of government, which was established through their politics and their laws. The government was mainly aristocratic in the time of the roman republic (509 B.C.-264 A.D.) where an oligarchy of Patrician families headed by two consuls governed in consultation with the roman senate, but by the time of the Roman Empire, emperors reigned in power with the senate below them . Although the Romans had a good system of government it was one that developed over time. They (the Romans) did not concern themselves with the construction of an ideal government but instead fashioned political institutions in response to problems as they arose. .
             Art and Architecture was also a branch in which the Romans never failed to excel.

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