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            Approximately 2,500 years ago, western civilization became the birthplace of the Ancient Greeks. There were many accomplishments from the Ancient Greeks. The things that still influence life are art, politics, government, architecture, and science. The origins, leaders, government, religion, culture, and also the contributions of Ancient Greek society are very important (World Book Online Reference Center).
             Civilization began to develop about 2,000 B.C. (Knight, Judson). Ancient Greece is located on the southeast corner of the European continent, across the Aegean Sea from Asia Minor to the east Turkey, on a peninsula of rugged land, and to the west of the Ionian Sea, is Italy. Greece is more then 50,000 square miles. Also it is as large as the state of Alabama (Knight, Judson). The city of Athens has about 20,000 people. The population of Greece is approximately 8,835,000 (Knight, Judson). Many cities established small farming villages (World Book Online Reference Center). One-third of the people who lived there worked on tiny farms. Greece is predominately an agriculture country. The agriculture products make up most of Greece's exports (World Book Encyclopedia). The Greek people developed their own customs. The citizens took part in public affairs. The Greek people were called themselves, Hellenes, and those who were thought of as different were called Barbarians (World Book Online Reference Center).
             There were many famous figures from Ancient Greece. Alexander the Great was one of them, and also Pericles was an important leader during the Golden Age. Alexander conquered many lands as far as Egypt. He found the city of Alexandria and was declared a pharaoh. He also started custom shaving. Alexander was also a great warrior. Alexander made an empire that made history and brought him fame and happiness (SIRS Discover).
             Greece had a democratic government. Many people took part in a democratic government.

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