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            A long time ago civilizations of all kinds gave the world today a lot of contributions. One of those civilizations was Greece. The Greeks gave the people of the world so much. The Greeks gave people The Olympics, Philosophy, and architecture. Although those things are big contributions there are many others. .
             Numerous events were held in honor of the gods at great festivals, especially Zeus, the father of the gods. In these festivals the Greeks had athletics games to which all Greeks were invited. Every four years the Greeks would hold what was called The Olympics in a building called Olympia. The Olympic games consisted of wrestling, boxing, javelin, and discus throwing, long jumping, and chariot races. There were also other footraces in the games. There were never group competitions, only individual competitions. The Olympics started in 776 B.C. Although only young men competed in the games, eventually they had contest for boys that were added. There is only on winner in the games, and they receive a wreath made of olive leaves and sometimes received the name of being a hero.
             A philosopher is one who loves wisdom. There are many philosophers from Greece. Some of the greatest known philosophers are Aristotle and Plato. Aristotle, who was Plato's student, always argued that a citizen did not belong just to himself or herself, but to the state. He also did not accept Plato's theories. Aristotle wrote his works on ethics, logic, politics, poetry, astronomy, geology, biology, and physics. Plato a student of Socrates is considered one of the many greatest philosophers of Western civilization. He wrote down everything. Plato wrote about many things. One of his well-known writings is The Republic, based on his experiences in Athens and their government. .
             Some of the finest architecture in Greece was built in fifth-century Athens. The Parthenon was the most famous out of all the buildings, because it was known as the classical Greek temple.

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