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Greek Influence

            Greek Civilization Influence on Western Culture.
             Although the Greek Civilization came to an end over 2,000 years ago, the Greeks still influence us in many ways, from our language, to our way of thinking and our ways of life. There were many Greek philosophers that created theories and religions that we follow today. The Greeks had great structure in their architecture and many of our theatre structures are derived from theirs. People of today value and pay high prices for statues, sculptures, and paintings that were once done by them. .
             Our everyday lives are affected by the Greeks. The study of botany was first discovered by Aristotle and his student Theophrastus. They collected plants, gathered information, and classified and named them. Plants have been used from the early days for medicinal purposes, foods, decoration, and other benefits, and still circulate in our lives today. .
             Horoscopes are found in almost every subscribed magazine and website and zodiac signs are very common. Astronomy was developed by Greek philosophers and scientists who argued different aspects of where our planets, stars, and moons are located, and the structure of the universe. It was Pythagoras who determined that the earth was round. .
             Archimedes and Pythagoras were said to be the greatest Greek mathematicians of all time. Geometry is used in everyday architecture and physics helps with the foundation for construction. It was a big help during wartime, where we used physics to determine layouts and plans. Mathematics is a requirement in everyday learning in school but the origin of math is not commonly known. Most of the theories and formulas were developed in Ancient Greek Civilization. .
             Greece became part of the Roman Empire when Greek civilization ended, but its ideas scattered throughout the world and still affect us today. Many people speak the English language and don't even realize that most words are originated from Greek.

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