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The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece

            The ancient civilization of Greece is studied and remembered for its remarkable history that laid the foundation for unique cultures to sweep over the land from Asia to the western end of the Mediterranean Sea (Olympic). This ancient civilization's history is recollected for its amazing feats and notable achievements in the subjects of philosophy, literature, art, pottery, music, dance, theatre, science, mathematics and many more. It is through the knowledge and advancements of the people from Ancient Greece that led to democracy and the birth of Western culture. One of the most famous events to the world today first began in Ancient Greece. Today it is celebrated and supported by athletes worldwide, who come together to represent their country and compete for world titles. Over 2,700 years ago the Olympic games began in Olympia (Olympic). Olympia was located in the southwest region of Greece and is regarded as a sacred place from Greek mythology (Olympic). The Olympic games of Greece hold a great deal amount of importance in history as their influence led to the Olympic games that are still held today. This event is Ancient Greece's most significant attribute, because it not only had the power to keep a civilization unified, but also represents its civilizations' beliefs through its religious, political and cultural customs. .
             History indicates that 776 BC held the first Olympic games (Olympic). The games originally began through a historical established peace treaty between Sparta and Elis, but eventually opened to the participation to all Greek states (in2greece). The time period of the games marked a national recognized time for peace. This establishment of peace was held a month before the games and continue while the festivities took place (in2greece). As the popularity and cultural growth of the games grew many states participated, bringing people from all of Greece to watch.

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