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Ancient Greek Women

             In ancient Greece women were viewed as property. As a child a girl was property of her father and as a married woman she was property of her husband, who was chosen for her. Ancient Greek women had little to no freedom outside the home. Women could attend weddings, funerals, some religious festivals, and, on occasion, she could visit female neighbors. The front door of a woman's home is known as the boundary of a good woman's territory. When a woman's husband is invited out he may take his children, but not his wife. When a husband had friends over, the wife could not join them (Golden, 72). Also, it was an offense for a woman to speak to a man who was not her near relative. It was once said by someone unknown that his sisters and nieces were "so well brought up that they were embarrassed in the presence even of a man who is a member of the family" (Golden, 72). Women were property of men and shouldn"t be seen or heard. Women of today's modern society have the freedom of choice to participate in activities that ancient Greek women were not, such as events in the Olympics, professional sports, and sexual intercourse and pleasure with whom she chooses. .
             Ancient Greek women and how these women were viewed differ greatly from women today. Since 1920 and the fourteenth amendment, which gave women the right to vote, we as a gender have been climbing the ladder to equality, in an attempt to gain the .
             equal status of men. Even before the right to vote modern women were in better shape the ancient Greek women. Modern women have all the rights and freedoms the men have. .
             Women have been empowering each other for decades and now are heading major corporations, holding political office, and commanding our military on the battlefield. Modern women today are doing things that would be absolutely ludicrous in ancient Greek life. .
             Since women were not allowed outside of their homes they were unable to watch history being made.

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