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Women of Ancient Greek

            Ancient Greece, roamed with people around the Mediterranean Sea from the 3rd millennium to the 1st century B.C. They are remembered for knowledge in philosophy, architecture, drama, government, and science. The ancient Greeks spoke, worshiped, understood the physical world, organized their governments, and spend most of their pleasure time around religion. Many of the ancient cultures held the same mentality of what a female depicted. During ancient Greece women were also powerless, were ranked below a man, and controlled by men. The play by Euripides this quote tells that women knew how worthy they were: "Women run households and protect within their homes what has been carried across the sea, and without a woman no home is clean or prosperous. Consider their role in religion, for that, in my opinion, comes first. We women play the most important part, because women prophesy the will of Loxias in the oracles of Phoibos. And at the holy site of Dodona near the Sacred Oak, females convey the will of Zeus to inquirers from Greece. As for the sacred rituals for the fates and the Nameless goddesses [i.e. the Furies], all these would not be holy if performed by men, but prosper in women's hands. In this way women have a rightful share (dike) in the service of the Gods" (Neils, Worshipping Athena, p 78). There were three main classes of women in the time of ancient Greece. First was the house wife, then the women who that were poor widows, slaves, or girls who were left out to die by their parents. Third were the companions of men, they would meet them at parties and festivals and considered as sexual escort. The wives and daughters stayed home but the prostitutes did what ever they wanted rules of the town didn't apply to them. .
             While a girl lived at home she was under her father's control. They were taught how to do household work like spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking, and other essential home skills.

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