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Medicine in the Ancient World

             In today's society medicine is created by a world of computers and cutting edge technology, but from the roots of medicine merged remedies and treatments that are still used today by many professionals. The medicine of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans set the foundations of what we know today as modern science. .
             The ancient Egyptians have a long history of medical treatment that began in the prehistoric times, where most of the medical problems were cured with spiritual healings and remedies. The Egyptians "began treating diseases in more of a physical manner alongside older spiritual cures, though much of the advancement in medical knowledge and practice was a side effect of religious ceremonies, public health and knowledge of the human body was tremendous" (http://www.schoolshistory.org.uk/ancientegypt.htm). In the Egyptian religion it was believed that the human body was born in a healthy state and would not become ill unless there was an influence from a foreign agent. In the case of burns or external illness the agent was visible and could be treated, but for internal problems the Egyptians believed it was evil gods punishing the body and it was necessary to neutralize this evil before applying an actual treatment. However, they did not completely understand the causes of disease and still believed in gods and spirits when their medical efforts failed. With such a large emphasis on religion, all of the physicians in the ancient world were also priests. The ancient Egyptians have been well known for contributing to the field of medicine and were one of the first to create a .
             specialized medical profession that came about based on their strong religion. Egyptians believed that different gods were in charge of protecting various parts of the body and it would only make sense to have different physicians do the same. Egyptians were also regarded as being one of the first groups in history to have practicing physicians.

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