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Cultural Changes in Ancient Egypt

            Culture is essentially the foundation of who we are in life. It has defined our lifestyle, beliefs, values, and practices ever since the very first human civilization. One of the oldest civilizations is the Egyptian and has a culture that is as deep and rich as the Nile, which runs through it. This well developed and distinctive society has been centered on literature, religion, science, and architecture for over 120,000 years and has changed drastically in every aspect since the start to now.
             The Egyptian civilization entails a long and intricate history of cultural, political, economical and social changes. In order to understand the Cultural Revolution, the history of Egypt is very important. The Egyptian civilization is situated in the Nile Valley, in the northeast corner of current day Africa. The civilization was and currently is centered along the Nile River that acts as lifeblood for Egypt. The river sets a rhythm of a way of life that would not make Egypt what it has become. Like any other society, Egypt had its fair share of hard and successful times. In the beginning, the lifestyle was very nomadic; once climate changed to hot and arid, people settled along the river. Pharaohs didn't start ruling Egypt until about 3050 BC and before that small farming communities would control the people and river resources. The many Pharaohs who ruled Egypt during this time provided many architectural and technological advances- most famously the legendary Egyptian pyramids. Pharaoh rule diminished and Egypt witnessed its first government collapse and economical shift. The rise and fall of Egypt continued for another thousand years or so until the pinnacle of Egyptian time occurred. Egypt acquired the largest empire in its history and endured peace, wealth-building, large scale building, foreign trade networking, incredible leadership and much more between 1549 and 1069 BC. Once again, they were conquered and the civilization fell due to a wealthy target for other civilizations.

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