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Ancient Egypt

            Ancient Egypt has a very complex and interesting society. It was the most well known of the early African societies. In the paper I will tell you about the political, social, and economic institutions it had. I will also tell you about the achievements and contributions it had to world history. You will learn about the roles of women, and the reasons why the great civilization declined. .
             Egypt was known as "The Gift of the Nile." The Nile River, which is the longest river in the world, flows in a northerly direction. It is 4,160 miles long and was the main reason for the fast growing Egyptian culture. Around the time of 10000 B.C.E. the Egyptian region was a grassy land. It contained many streams, lakes, and rivers. Around the time of 5000 B.C.E. Egypt began to under-go a process of desertification. This is where the climate changes and the land begun to dry out. The Nile Valley had many good harvests because of the wealth they got form the Nile. This enabled them to support a fast and large population. Egypt grew alongside another important civilization called Nubia. They influenced each other's lives and interacted a lot though their time of existence. Egypt however, had a larger flood plain and was able to support a larger population. (Traditions Encounters pg.64) .
             Egypt lived by fishing, hunting, and collecting wild grains. The idea of the surrounding nations heavily influenced Egypt. They mixed and blended with Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, and others. They traded with the Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, and other African societies. Egypt had a fast growing population and was always looking to improve their methods of agriculture and sophistication. Around the time of 10000 B.C.E. migrants from the red sea brought over many things to the Egyptian culture. One was the idea of collecting of wild grains. The other was the language they called Coptic. They used a form of writing called hieroglyphics, which is a form of pictographs.

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