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Ancient Egyptian Civilization

            Egypt is one of the strongest and long lasting civilization of the ancient world. It was formed along the Nile River, which is the reason why ancient Egyptians developed their civilization, it brought water and rich soil that was used to fertilize and grow crops. Egyptians believed that life didn't stop after they are death; they believed that life continues in the afterlife. Art had a big impact on Ancient Egypt and its civilization; paintings and sculpture were created in tombs and burial places by Pharaohs, and it all had different meaning to the kings and queens in the afterlife. .
             To begin with, Ancient Egypt were great inventors and were the first to use synthetic pigments, Egyptians loved to be surrounded by colorful paintings. However, the painting wasn't created for decoration or visual purpose instead, it was created for the afterlife in the tombs. The painting would represent their lives while they were alive and in the afterlife it would keep that history alive. The paintings were created with many colors. For example, in the Opening of the Mouth ceremony painting they used a variety of colors such as red, green, white, black, and brown. In addition, around the painting you could see the unique handwriting that they used. Moreover, one could tell how important the kings were and how they were praised and well taken care of by the slaves. Also, the Egyptians were buried with their valuable item so that they could take it with them to the afterlife. This practically painting represents the Egyptians views on death because it shows how they believed that for a soul to survive in the afterlife it would need food, water and anything that had value to them.
             Additionally, Pyramids were a significant part of Ancient Egyptians. Pyramids were built as tombs for the Pharaohs and their queens. They believed that if the Pharaoh's body could be mummified that they will live forever. Pyramids were built with many different shapes and geometric.

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