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Ancient Egyptian Religion

            Although there are many mysteries within the history of the ancient Egyptians, it is clear that religion was a profound part of their lives. Throughout Egypt there are religious scriptures written on the walls of temples about the Gods and their beliefs. Throughout time there was much destruction done to the sacred temples by the foreign invaders and a lot of history was lost. There are many questions about the religion the Egyptians regarding the gods and their specific importance. Some of that information has been over time discovered, however unfortunately a lot has not. .
             The ancient Egyptians were one of the first cultures to believe in one God. To break this down, this means that the Egyptians believe in one "Supreme Being" as do Christian and Islam religions. The Supreme Being has many names, one being Nun. Nun created the world along with the Gods after it. Nun is considered to be eternal while the Gods after Nun are immortal. Nun is all knowing therefore omnipotent and believed to be a good god. .
             After Nun had created Earth and the rest of the Gods, there existed a beneficial equilibrium that was in harmony. This harmony was called Maat. To the ancient Egyptians, Maat also meant order and justice. Since everything was connected, it was also believed that order and justice equaled nature's response, which was fertility and prosperity. To ensure peace and wellbeing within the ancient Egyptian culture, it was required to keep society the way it was created. .
             This however, does not ensure that Maat would be unthreatened. The ancient Egyptians still believed in demons and knew that they must keep Maat protected. It was the responsibility of the people, the king and of the gods to make sure Maat went uncorrupted. .
             When it came to keeping the balance and harmony within Maat, the king had the biggest responsibility. If the king acted justly then this was supporting Maat. In return, Maat would bring fertility for the land and wellbeing for all.

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