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             Ancient Egyptian art is divided into many era's. Many Egyptian gods were painted and sculpted as animals, or as humans with animal heads. Egyptians considered all animals to be holy. Anyone who killed an animal on purpose would be punished with death. Cats that had died would be embalmed and buried. .
             Egyptian art from any time period has the same style. There were rules for making the artwork. The style is called frontalism. For thousands of years, this was the one and only style of making art. The rules are different for drawing animals and slaves from the way pharaohs and gods are drawn. .
             A lot of archeologists have found a lot of these artifacts in the tombs that they have dug up. Most of these artifacts were found in the tombs of the pharaohs. .
             In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians believed in life after death. Death was the only way into a better life in the next world. In this next world the dead would live pretty much the same way they did in their old life. That's why they went through the trouble of embalming and making mummies of the dead and then putting them in tombs. .
             The paintings that were painted in the Egyptian tombs were stories of who was in the tomb and how their life was. They did this so that the mummy could wake up in the better world and keep on living like they had. In these paintings the most important people were drawn bigger and with all the parts of the body drawn flatly and completely. The style of the painting was to use the profile of the fact, with the eye looking straight at you and the front of the top part of the body-facing front. One are would be in front and the other one would be at the side and the legs would be a profile. This is a really strange way of drawing. .
             Egyptian art has order, form and symbolism. The paintings told a story. The style of art in Egypt stayed the same for three thousand years all because the artists followed the rules of drawing.

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