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             Did you know that the Great Pyramid of Khufu is the biggest one of all because it stands 450 feet high and 755 feet square? It was made from 2 million or more giant blocks of stone. I bet you didn't know that the al Azhar Mosque University might be the oldest university. It was built in 971.did you also know that one pyramid was made as a tomb stone for one pharaoh. The stones are so tight that you can't even fit a knife between one.
             The size of Egypt is exactly 997,740-sq. km. The population of Egypt is 74,718,797.The.
             Capital of Egypt is Cairo. There are a couple of mountains located on the southern part of Sinai Peninsula. The Libyan, Nubian, and Eastern Deserts we"re barriers of protection, shielding the people against invasion by surrounding civilizations. The climate in Egypt is very dry. There is almost no rain on a regular basis.
             There were kings in Egypt called pharaohs. KingTut is one of the most famous ones. These kings called pharaohs were in Egypt for about 2,500. The pharaohs built a good empire. It was so good that it conquered many neighboring counties around Egypt.
             In 525 B.C, the Persians invaded Egypt. Then a little while later the Romans who later became Christians also invaded Egypt.
             Egypt was conquered in the 7th century A.D. by the Arabs in Damascus. Then they introduced the religion Islam.
             Egypt fought two wars with Israel. The first one was in 1967 and the second one was in 1973. The Israelis seized the Sinai but President Sadat but made a deal for its return.
             Around the 1500s Egypt had become a province of the Ottoman Turks. In World War 1 Egypt was defeated by the Britains. The war ended and the Ottoman Turks left Egypt with its own king but under the control of Britain. .
             In1981 a terrible thing happened to Egypt. President Sadat was assassinated but in his place was President Hosni Mubarak. .
             In 1952 when Egypt was not republic, a group of Egyptian army officers seized power.

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