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            The Ancient Egyptians have contributed much to the post Egyptian empires and modern day living. They contributed paper, written alphabet, plumbing, and burial practices, laws on morality, paper, and written history. With these contributions we have been able to carry on everyday life with more ease; than if we did not have them.
             The Egyptians contributed burial practices. Their ways of practicing burials was through mummification and embalming. After an important person (especially) had died, their body would go through a seventy-day process. During this time their vital organs would be removed from their body. These would include the brains, heart, stomach, intestinal tracts, and kidneys, after removal, they would be put into five different canonic jars with the heads of figures on the top and put with the sarcophagus or coffin in which the body would be placed after being drained of all fluid and matter and then wrapped in cloth used for embalming. This process would make ready the body for the after life. In the tomb would be placed all of their valuable possessions for later (after life) use.
             The Ancient Egyptians contributed writing to the future living people. The Egyptians invented the way of writing called pictograph or hieroglyphs. Each letter of the alphabet, word, or phrase depicted an object such as, a river, an owl, a hawk, or a snake. Vowels were rarely used and those pictures that were translated into vowels were used as consonants. Every vowel sound had to be guessed or filled in by the reader. Every thing was read from either left to right, depending on which way the objects were facing. If they were facing right then the word or phrase would be read from left to right, vice versa.
             The Egyptians also contributed paper. They used papyrus (a reed-like plant found growing near river (the Nile) banks) to make paper. It was cut and processed to form sheets of paper.

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