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Sociology of Food

            Food is a subject that I tend to enjoy more than ever think about.
             thinking about it the recurring pattern of behavior attached to the kinds of.
             food I eat always, unless cooked by my mom, contains three qualities: quick and.
             easy to make, uncomplicated, and tasty. Also, a fourth quality I associate with.
             food that fluctuates in importance is how beneficially healthy it is.
             My eating habits definitely have changed over the years. I can distinguish my.
             eating habits from the time I could first eat for myself to the time I was old.
             enough to have money, as whatever my mom prepared for me or allowed me to eat. .
             And on many occasions my parents would force me to eat certain foods, such as.
             vegetables, because they were, "good for you". From a conflict perspective this.
             can be seen as my parents trying to force good eating habits on me so later I.
             could reap the social benefits; benefits of being and looking healthy. In order.
             to be at the same level of competition, if not higher, than the rest of the.
             people in my age group around me.
             It can also be said that my parents were influenced by informal sanctions. .
             Henslin says that sanctions insure compliance with the cultural norms. They.
             wanted me to eat healthy in order to be and look healthy because they didn't.
             want "other parents" thinking they were not good parents. In this case the.
             "other parents" create the cultural norm. They created the expectations of.
             behavior that parents should raise healthy kids and feed them properly (the.
             "other parents" probably took their ideas from their parents which is a social.
             agent mentioned by Barbara Scott). This is an informal sanction because if I.
             was overweight my parents would think that others could look at me and correlate.
             my poor body shape as poor parenting.
             When I was first allowed to have money until I graduated high school could be.
             described as a time where all I really wanted was toys and candy. So, my diet.
             expanded from whatever my mom made for me to whatever she made along with all.

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