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            The information learned in this class has helped me a lot, and probably will continue to help me throughout my life.
             I learned a lot of things.
             about cultural diversity, and that people of the Arapesh are gentle, warm, receptive, non-aggressive, contended, and trusting people.
             again about cultural diversity, the Mundugumor are an aggressive group of people, men and women are violent, competitive, and jealous.
             a lot about subcultures, there is a subculture called "straight-edge- that condone a sex, drug, and alcohol free lifestyle.
             in comparison to subculture, a counterculture is something that goes against regular culture (for example, anarchists and punks).
             each society and culture creates its own mores, values, norms, traditions, and taboos, and the rules for "breaking- those.
             about socialization and the effects of isolation (Anna, Isabelle, and Genie from Ch. 5).
             parental characteristics such as level of education, religious orientation, economic status, cultural heritage and occupational background can influence a child's personality.
             many of our aptitudes result from inherited qualities or from a combination of hereditary and environment.
             that adolescence is a group on its own, in the social level due to working laws, education, and the juvenile justice system.
             a lot about social stratification (the ranking of individuals or categories of people on the basis of unequal access to scarce resources and social rewards) and the effect it has on prejudism, racism, ageism, and sexism.
             when I was studying for a test a few chapters ago, I learned a lot about the social structures and characteristics of animals, with help from my sister. Kait is a Vegan, and was explaining to me who a "chicken farm- works. The average wingspan of a chicken is 32 inches, but they are kept in cages that are only 16 inches, often times several are put into one cage, as many as physics will allow. Since they are kept at such close contact w/ the others, and have no freedoms or movements, their whole social structure changes.

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