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Sociology Reflection

            Sociology is defined as the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society; it provides tools for understanding how and why society functions while enlightening individuals on the social impacts of life. The knowledge withheld in the subject of sociology goes beyond the conventional to provide illuminating and challenging understandings of social desires. People see the bluntness surrounding them – sociologists see everything something is not.
             One of the numerous abilities sociology obtains is the ability to aid understanding in human behavior guided by social and cultural forces. Through the sociological perspective, people are encouraged to realize how severely society guides thoughts and actions. For example, Emile Durkheim's research showed that the suicide rate was potently affected on a person's influences surrounding them; mainly people. The desire to conform to the ideas and aspects of others, assimilation, is an inclination for all. When humans are born, they are blank canvases to which the world can effortlessly mark and corrupt. However, people are often unaware the effect society has upon them. Everything experienced from birth and onward affects the personality and attitude of a person; books, surroundings, magazines, billboards, and anything involving technology has an especially powerful influence upon our subconscious as the culture sinks in. People are often driven by the class system, a social ranking based primarily upon economic status, which tends to associate stereotypes that stick and influence the perception received on others; such as a lower class individual often viewed as less educated with a blue collar job. With an abundance of research, sociology provides an adequate amount of information to better liberate people as they are given the opportunity to see the corruption set upon them from birth.
             The behavior of humans fall within a range where some behavior is common/acceptable, but others are outside the limits of acceptance.

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