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The Sociology of Literature

             In general, sociology is a study about human interaction in a social life. The term of sociology is taken from two words "socio" and "logos," socio means society and logos mean science. So, sociology is the science which study about social life. There are some definitions of sociology introduced by some experts as follows: Sociology not only deals with the social interaction in a social institution but also deal with the social changes in society. According to Faruk (2010: 2), sociology deals with the process of social changes that gradually occur or revolutionary with all the consequences or impacts caused by these changes. Sociology learns about the relationship between men and society, sociology also give attention to the social environment, social phenomena that occur in the community. According to Laurenson and Swingewood (1972:11), "sociology is essentially the scientific, objective study of man in society, the study of social institutions and of social processes: it seeks to answer the question of how society is possible, how it works, why it persists." In addition for this explanation, Laurenson and Swingewood" (1972:12) also express that Sociology is concerned also with the processes whereby society changes gradually, as in revolution, from one type of society to another, from feudalism to capitalism for example and the effects of this changes have on social structure.
             Sociology is the social science as the way to know the complexity the social interaction in a social life. Through on sociology we able to know what really happened in particular society and particular period.
             B. Literature.
             In talking about literature, we can say that principally literature means whatever which is written. However the word of literature, in German is "literatur", in French "literature", literature as the beautiful written is also used in Europe namely "letterkunde" and in Dutch "belles-letters" (Faruk, 2010 40).

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