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An Analysis of Karl Marx

             The purpose of this paper is to perform a critical analysis on Karl Marx and some of his most notable works. It will be argued that Marx was one of the greatest theorist within sociology and significantly contributed to its positive progression. The information that Marx presented was groundbreaking for its time and is still being utilized in contemporary society. The major works that will be discussed herein are: Capital, Volumes I, II and III, and The Communist Manifesto. Each of these works provides a unique perspective on some of the most significant societal issues that require resolution for society's progression. At the end of this paper, the author will present an argument suggesting that The Communist Manifesto is the greatest work by Marx, given that elucidates on the haunting power that accompanies the use of communism.
             An Analysis of Karl Marx.
             Throughout the history of sociology, there have been many theorists that have achieved acclaim; but few have impacted the development and foundation for the discipline of sociology as much as Karl Marx. So prolific is he that his eponymous theories, Marxism, are still being employed by sociologists, philosophers, and economists alike to this day. Throughout his vast bibliography, the most major works of Marx include: Capital, Volumes I, II and III, and the most influential, The Communist Manifesto. This paper will examine these four works, with an emphasis on the latter, as well as Marx's life and times, and show how his work contributed to the field of sociology. .
             Brief Biography.
             Born to an upper middle class family in 1818 in Prussia (Germany), Marx was exposed to the ideas of social change at a young age (Marx and McLellan, 2000). Raised in a post-Enlightenment household, Marx was heavily influenced by the revolutionary period in history. In fact, so revolutionary was this period in history that without it, sociology may not have become the institution that it is today.

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