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Ideas of Karl Marx

            The World and Ideas of Karl Marx The latter part of the.
             nineteenth century was teeming with evolved social and.
             economical ideas. These views of the social structure of.
             urban society came about through the development of.
             ideals taken from past revolutions and the present clash of.
             individuals and organized assemblies. As the Industrial.
             Revolution steamed ahead paving the way for growing.
             commerce, so did the widening gap between the class.
             structure which so predominantly grasped the populace and.
             their rights within the community. The development of a.
             capitalist society was a very favorable goal in the eyes of.
             the bourgeoisie. Using advancing methods of production.
             within a system of free trade, the ruling middle class were.
             strategically able to earn a substantial surplus of funds and.
             maintain their present class of life. Thus, with the.
             advancement of industry and the bourgeoisie's gain of.
             wealth, a counter-action was undoubtably taking place.
             The resultant was the degradation of the working- class, of.
             the proletarians whom provided labour to a middle-class.
             only to be exploited in doing so. Exploitation is a quarrel.
             between social groups that has been around since the dawn.
             of mankind itself. The persecution of one class by another.
             has historically allowed the advancement of mankind to.
             continue. These clashes, whether ending with positive or.
             negative results, allow Man to evolve as a species, defining.
             Himself within the social structure of nature. Man's rivalry.
             amongst one another allows for this evolution! through the.
             production of something which is different, not necessarily.
             productive, but differing from the present norm and untried.
             through previous epochs. At this time in history, mankind.
             was moving forward very rapidly, but at the price of the.
             working-class. Wages were given sparsely, and when.
             capital gain improved, the money payed for labour did not.
             reflect this prosperity. This, therefore, accelerated the.
             downfall of the proletarians and progressed towards a.

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