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Karl Marx

             Karl Marx was the mastermind behind the developments of the some of the most renowned theories in sociological history. Marx's ideas helped many people understand the origin behind a capitalist/bourgeoisie society. He also examined humans in the sense of how they experienced living in a capitalist society. By focusing on these ideas, Marx discovered how capitalism could eventually lead to the feelings of isolation from the society in which they lived in. .
             First, I believe that it is important to understand how capitalism originated. For a capitalist society to function properly, some sort of class struggle must exist between the individuals who belong to different socioeconomic groups. Class struggle is the key to an economic system. It has existed since ancient times. During this era, Rome, Greece, and Babylon were the strongest nations of civilization. The ruling class, also known as the Patricians, ran these civilizations. They were extremely wealthy, well educated, and had control over most of the land. The middle class of citizens comprised of few individuals during this time, and the working class during that period consisted of people who were treated like slaves. These people had very few, if any, rights.
             Around 476 A.D., civilization dawned upon the Middle Ages, and the practice of feudalism prevailed. During this period, the ruling class was now known as the nobles; the middle class was still consistent as it was like before the Middle Ages. Now, the working class began to see more rights than they did during Ancient times, because the peasant were finally allowed to keep a portion of whatever they grew to sell for their own personal profit. .
             Feudalism was seen until the late eighteenth century. During this era, the peasants and middle class could not take anymore of the Noble's controlling authority over their personal life and property. Eventually, they ended up overthrowing the ruling class, and started to gain more power and rights for their people.

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