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Karl Marx

            It was predominately Karl Marx who influenced society and politics during the time of the Russian Revolution. Marx, along with Friedrich Engels came up with The Communist Manifesto. Marx said that there was a growing tension in the industrial society between the capitalist (factory owners) and the workers. The objective of the Communist was to overthrow the middle class, and to make the proletarians into a class. Marx, however said that in doing this there would be an increase in competition in the middle class, which consequently would lead to "commercial crises" due to workers wages. This would then lead to the capitalists being overthrown in a revolution. Marx believed the bourgeois class should be abolished. In doing so, it would put an end to exploitation of individuals and also get rid of hostility between classes. By the proletariat becoming a class and taking away all capital from the bourgeois it would: abolish the property in land, gain a progressive or graduated income tax, abolish all rights of inheritance, confiscate all property from emigrants and rebels, centralize all credit by the a national bank, and centralize communication by the hands of the state.

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