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Karl Marx

             "It may seem paradoxical that Karl Marx, whom so many working-class movements of our time claim as their Master and infallible guide to revolution, should have come from a comfortable middle-class home. Yet to a remarkable extent he does himself epitomise his own doctrine that men are conditioned by their socio-econmic circumstances. The German City in which he grew up gave him a sense of long historical tradition and at the same time close contact with the grim realities of the under-development then characteristic of Germany. Thoroughly Jewish in their origins, Protestant by necessity yet living in a Catholic region, his family could never regard their social integration as complete. The sense of alienation was heightened in Marx's personal case by his subsequent inability to obtain a teaching post in a university system that had no room for dissident intellectuals." - Karl Marx: a biography, page 1 .
             Karl Marx was the great thinker, philosopher and economist. His views on life and the social structure during his time (the 19th century) revolutionized the way in which people think. He was very well known from his thought about the political and socio-economic structure. He created an opportunity for the working class to rise above the patricians and failed due to the creation of the middle class. However, he was still a great revolutionary leader and set the basis of communism in Russia. .
             Karl Heinrich Marx was born May 5, 1818 in Trier, Rhenish Prussia. He was the son of Heinrich Marx, the lawyer and Henriette Presburg Marx. His parents were of Jewish descent but his father choose to become a Protestant and was baptized some time before August 1817 in order to preserve his job with the Prussian state. "And Karl was baptized in the same church in 1824, at the age of six." http://search.biography.com/print_record.pl?id=6048. Karl's childhood was a happy and carefree one. His parents had a good relationship and it helps set Karl in the right direction.

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