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Violent Effects Of Child Abuse

             This paper will investigate the relationship between the observing, or being the recipient of,.
             family violence by children, and consequential violent actions by these children. A survey was.
             given to compare the attitudes of people with and without children, as well as determine if.
             education, gender, age or income might affect student's opinions concerning this issue. These.
             opinions, along with a review of the literature indicate how much influence observation of.
             violence within the family contributes to future violence by the observing child.
             The survey showed that students who have been abused, or have observed others being.
             abused, saw a positive correlation between the former observations and future actions. Those.
             who did not have this experience were less inclined to accept this theory. The literature also.
             tended to validate this theory. .
             In the past few decades, since the introduction of violent video games and increased.
             explicit violence in movies and television, child abuse has increased dramatically. Several factors.
             have contributed to this increase besides technology. One could be that the definition of abuse.
             has been refined and constricted. At one time beating a child with a strap or switch was.
             considered necessary to creating a competent adult. Now, spanking in public may be considered.
             abuse. At one time parents needed their children to work the farm, or other family business, .
             together, as well as to support the parents in their older age, so although punishment was still.
             physical, love and mutual goals often tempered and guided the discipline. .
             Today many people are only concerned with what beings them pleasure and children are.
             someone to control by those who feel they have no real power anywhere in the world. The.
             government will take care of the parents in their older age, so there is no need for closeness with.
             their children.

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