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The Effects of Domestic Child Abuse

            While some children go home to loving parents, others must deal with families who are violent, neglectful or abusive. Domestic abuse is the harsh reality of many kids' lives. Other than the obvious physical part of abuse, there is a lot more damage that comes from it. Abused children often have a constant reminder of their suffering even as adults. These children are different from the peers they have that have not experience Abused children are noticeably different from others who have not experienced abuse. Even after the abuse is over, it is not really over. These children have to overcome various obstacles in life that the average child does not. The greatest challenges children who are abused face as adults include, social difficulties, complications in adolescence, and aggression. Social difficulties are a very common problem in children who have experienced abuse. Children whose parents physically punish them can become antisocial, fearful, or more defiant (Mom). This is due to the fact that abuse causes physical damage to kids' underdeveloped brains. These psychological implications can cause cognitive delays, or emotional difficulties. There are immediate emotional effects from abuse such as isolation, fear, and trust issues. These immediate effects often translate into lifelong psychological consequences. This includes low self-esteem, depression, and relationship issues. Parental abuse is also associated with personality disorders, inappropriate modeling of adult behavior, and affectionate behaviors with unknown/little-known people (Long-Term). These children also face a challenge in talking out problems; they tend to respond poorly to non-physical punishments. They had more signs of emotional withdrawal and social isolation in comparison to their peers (Charting). In comparison to children who did not have abusive parents, children who have experience maltreatment often have lower IQ scores, language difficulties, and neonatal challenges.

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