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Domestic Abuse and Intervention

            common issue presented to Human Services professionals is domestic violence. Domestic violence is physical and or emotional abuse directed toward a domestic partner or spouse as a result of power, control and coercive behavior of one over another in a relationship. This abuse causes much turmoil for not only the partnership but also for the family that is involved in. Said abusive relationship can also be in many cases, life threatening and very difficult to escape from especially if there are children involved. Through researching domestic abuse I was able to find numerous articles pertaining to the subject and chose four of the best from professional journals that helps one to understand better the details of these violent life styles. The following outlines and explains each of the articles I chose.
             The first of these articles is called "Domestic Violence: the Role of the Heath Care Professional". This article informs the reader of the common indicators of domestic violence, and explains that because many health care professionals are not trained in domestic violence, it can make it hard to identify and interpret behaviors of an individual who is being abused. A few of these indicators are unexplained or multiple injuries at different stages of healing, injuries that are being hidden by clothing ie: long sleeves, bracelets, turtle necks etc. and a history of drug and alcohol use or depression, anxiety or suicide attempts. .
             This first article also explains the three routs of intervention that can be taken to help the client in an abusive relationship. The first is Primary Intervention which in short is to prevent a detrimental health event or to prevent any violence at all. Then comes Secondary Intervention, or just early identification and intervention. This can be done at annual and prenatal exams. This would be done at prenatal exams because there is a noticeable trend in domestic violence beginning at or becoming more prominent during pregnancy.

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