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Domestic Violence

             In the past two decades, there has been growing recognition of the occurrence of domestic violence in our society. Domestic violence has negative effects on individuals, families, and society in general. We can assume that this is only the beginning as most victims of domestic violence do not go to a place of safety. Millions of dollars are spent annually on legal, health and welfare services as a result of domestic violence (Danis, 2003). By the victims silence or unawareness we condone it, and the cost to our community in terms of wasted lives, frightened and damaged women and children, health, counseling and welfare services is enormous. Clearly, domestic violence should be a matter of high public concern. Unfortunately, it is viewed by many people as a private problem in which others should not interfere. It is not easy for us as a community to accept that our homes and families are the setting for some of the most dangerous and life-threatening violence ever experienced. Learning about the myths involved with domestic violence, its many forms, the effect it has on children, how the justice system is dealing with it, and how a social worker goes about helping with this problem will aid society and its individuals with the ability to fight this ongoing problem that has effected so many people. .
             The problem of domestic violence has reached out to many people and has left these people wondering why domestic violence happens? This has caused many beliefs that people in our society hold about domestic violence. These beliefs have turned into myths that involve the victims, perpetrators, and others that are not directly involved. Many of these myths are unhelpful, not because they may be untrue in some circumstances, but because people tend to act if they are always true for every case of domestic violence. They can be broken down into such groups as myths about the causes and incidence, myths about the women, myths about the men, and myths about the solution.

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