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Domestic Violence Planning Paper

            Domestic Violence affects the majority of our nation but it is something that is not spoken about or taught to the general public like the instances of hunger or homelessness. This fact intrigues me and for my research paper, I plan on learning more about domestic violence with the intent of educating others about the causes and effects of domestic violence and the steps one can take to get out of dangerous situations and help others who are in dangerous or scary situations. Domestic violence is an extremely important issue in our world today that needs to be made known in order to prevent it or at least, to help the victims. .
             The reason I chose to do my paper on domestic violence is because of the fact that it isn't spoken about a lot. The way in which I became aware of it is from volunteer work I've done as a caseworker at Love In The Name of Christ, a Christian organization in Fairbanks that works with the community's less fortunate. In doing this volunteer work, I've often worked side by side with Interior Alaska's Center for Non-Violent Living. Just by speaking with victims of abuse and by speaking to caseworkers at Interior Alaska's Center for Non-Violent Living (IACNVL), I've become very interested in domestic violence. I want to learn more about the causes of domestic violence, the kinds of domestic violence that IACNVL experiences and, more specifically, how the threat of domestic violence affects the community of Fairbanks, Interior Alaska and also how it affects the military installations in the area: Eielson Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright. .
             For the research on this topic I have already used the Internet for information and facts about domestic violence and rented library books. The statistics I've found so far on the Internet are astounding. I've found that the books from the library, though, are outdated and don't have valuable information such as current statistics and findings.

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