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Causes and Affects: violence against the American government

            Generally, most people think of one or two ways to exercise their thoughts and opinions to their government. If they are citizens in a democratic country they would then use their right to vote, and if they are in another type of government structure they most likely will accept it as it is. But, in fact there is another popular tactic to call attention to those who lead us, it will never cross most people's minds, but I'm talking about the use of violence. There are a lot of people on this Earth who feel that the only way to solve issues with their government or other's is by using violence. I think a big word on many American's minds these days is terrorism, and why shouldn't it be, it seems that organizations no longer wish to "talk" things out, they would rather flex their militant muscles and solve the issue on their own terms; no negotiations. On the other hand violence is not always a lost cause because some times you need to poke the cat before he'll get up to catch the mouse. In this paper we will take a look at the causes and the affects of violence/terrorism towards the American government.
             Violence and disruption do not just occur without reason, weather it's between countries or people a system breakdown is usually the cause, "which is a malfunction of stability." There are many different types of violence aimed towards governments, most often big events are perpetrated by foreign terrorists, but there are also many domestic terrorists who are angry at their own country. The many forms of this disequlibrium includes riots, massive strikes that can disrupt the order of things, bombings, holding of hostages, assassinations, and the forming of militant groups outside of the national military. It has never been experienced in he United States, but in other countries the militant overthrow of the current leader, or coup d'etat, is a common way of changing power in the government.

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