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A War Against Ourselves

             Drugs in America are sweeping the nation. Everyday billions upon billions of dollars worth of illicit drugs are smuggled into the country to take over our street corners, turn our neighborhoods into war zones, and turn children into puppets. How has America let this happen? How has America let drugs, addiction, disease, and corruption take over the lives of millions of Americans? America has let this happen by trying not just to prevent or even slow down, but to put a complete halt to all forms of illicit drug use and trafficking. Since the Reagan administration, the government has been taking in and dishing out billions of tax payer's dollars to combat this war to no avail. Instead of Americans choosing how to live their lives, they must hide it and live in shame. Prohibition of drugs has spawned, as it always does, a robust black market, which inevitably spins off many social pathologies and is a policy that can only fail because its objective- a drug free America- is unrealistic and unattainable#. The upcoming paragraphs will attempt to show how the War on Drugs is failing America because of the infringement upon American's civil liberties, racial bias-ness, and the massive amount of dollars being spent on a war which has become a stalemate.
             Where there is democracy, there is freedom of choice. Freedom to choose what to eat and drink, how to raise our children, what religion to belong to- if any- and how we choose to live our lives. The best thing about democracy is that if Americans feel that democracy and their civil liberties are being infringed upon, they have the power to vouch for change. While many things through the course of America's history have been shifted and altered to preserve democracy, the War on Drugs has not budged since the Reagan era's conservative republican administration waged the ridiculous and so called war. Just as the government can not force Americans to not eat too much cholesterol because it leads to heart disease, the government should not hold a drug control policy over Americans as well.

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