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The 60s

            The 60's: The beginning of a movement.
             We grew up with a political cause that binded us together as one," explains Dr. Robyn Boren, counselor and former hippie of Dakota Ridge High School.
             The 1960's, or hippie era, not only influenced the lives of so many individuals, but have liberalized our perspectives on the so-called, "perfect life". When we first think of the 1960's, our minds drift and we find ourselves thinking of drugs, promiscuous sex, and violent protestors, forgetting the basis that started it all: the desire to change. Something we find ourselves struggling with in the year 2001.
             This was a time when racial segregation was still in effect, the Vietnam War had taken attention of our hearts, and women were still considered unequal from the male. It had seemed as if the problems of the world were being ignored and that action had to be taken quickly before it was too late. .
             Vietnam. The 1950's generation believed that communism would continue spreading through countries, like wild fire, unless the USA did something before it reached home. Therefore, in order for the US government to try and control the recent chain of events from spreading past Korea, at the time when it was not broken by boarders, we would go to war. The war was mainly fought by young men, 17-25, and it cost the lives of so many. That is where, I believe, this rage began. While young people were opening their eyes to racism and beginning to search for real values, there was a war going on right before their eyes. Their brothers were fighting; the reporters were continuously updating the statistics on the underlying war against communism. I"m gonna stop right there, because I can't seem to stop laughing. The war on terrorism, I mean communism is the thing that got me. .
             I find myself looking back to history many of times, comparing the mistakes of the past with the world I"m living in now. The 1960's was one of the only times when people were brought together, in such large amounts, and actually had a passion for something.

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