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Fashions Of The 60's

            Why did some styles become so popular and remain popular though out the 60s"? Some were different enough to become a huge hit with teens, while others were not as lucky. From the peace symbols that attempted to keep the war far from home, to the ban the bra movement that gave women a group to belong to. In the Mod movement many teens started their own kind of fashion that was fresh and new, too unique for some though. The fashions of the 60s" reflected the turbulence and rebelliousness of the era.
             The peace sign represented many people fighting for the war to stay far from home, and to keep it there. The peace symbol became a strong representation of hope for teens; it gave them a ground to stand on. To the Mod movement that started in Britain and slowly traveled to America that started the whole fashion uniqueness. It was mostly influenced by, art, music and drugs. The different cuts and colors of fabric really helped in the search to find whom they were. It was time to break away from the boring clothes of the 1950s and break in to a whole new line of style. With the new vibrant colors and slimming cuts fashion had taken off like a rocket. .
             The youth of the world began to see that nothing could hold them back from being individual. They started wearing clothes that no one would criticize because they were too fancy. The skirts of the 60s had shorter and shorter hemlines. Some say this "led to the moral decline of society and youth" (SK). As the new styles emerged so did the way teens thought, not so much for themselves but for their country and what they believed in. The peace symbol really spread far and fast, pretty soon it was all over. It was on shirts, cars, jewelry, and many other things. Organizations really helped with the overwhelming question of "Where do I belong?" Such as the Ban the Bra movement, it helped young women know and feel like they belonged to something important.

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