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The Recent History Of American Fashion

            Throughout history, a great deal of things evolve and revolutionize due to changing factors in our environment. Fashion is just one of the many things that change through time. The many factors, like our current world standing in war or more importantly the current economic situation, shape how important fashion is in our lives.
             Women's fashion in America during the twentieth century became an outlet for a struggle to be free. During the beginning of the century, following the First World War, our country was very prosperous, and that is why the twenties are often labeled as the roaring twenties. During this decade, women's fashion really started to stand out. Women stopped wearing the corset, and wore shorter and slimmer skirts that were more brightly colored. They began to cut their hair shorter. Back then it was regarded as scandalous because it was so different, but women were free to be themselves, and free to flaunt their wealth. .
             During the thirties, this was a time of very little wealth to the mass majorities, but to those that could afford it, women mostly wore feminine suits, much like Coco Chanel designed. The shoulders were wider, and the hemlines dropped back down from the mid calf level. During World War II, much of the European influence was lost in the United States, so many American designers made prominent impact on the country. They made clothing cheaper and more accessible to all women. .
             Another decade in which the fashion also stands out in peoples mind is the fifties. During the fifties, women's fashion was fairly conservative. Women wore simple dresses around the house. During this decade, the average family was a nuclear family with the wife at home taking care of the house and the children. .
             Since the sixties, the youth culture has dominated fashion. When the Capri pants came out, it was finally fashionable to be casual. Mini skirts and pantsuits were the typical garments in the first phase of the mod fashion, a youthful fashion.

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