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A Look at Fashion Through the 50's and 60's

             The 1950s through the 1950s was a turbulent time in history. At the end of the Second World War, many political and international changes came about. The world had to rebuild drastically after such an unstable and deleterious decade. As a result, the Cold War became a topic of much controversy and fear. The "Red Scare,"" or the threat of search and arrest of communists within democratic nations, forced many to conform to a status quo and accept the expectations of society. However, there were various counter cultures that grew from this mistrust and paranoia. Finally, the 1960s exploded, and the country was swept up into a wave of tumult. The Civil Rights movement finally came into the forefront, after simmering behind the scenes in the 1950s. Also during this time, John F. Kennedy, a president whom Americans had grown to trust, was assassinated, which thrust the nation into crisis. The Vietnam War was a much-protested military move, producing the hippie movement and other cultural revolts. As society changed, their tastes changed with it. By studying the progresses of the times, it is easy to track and gauge the fashions and people's interests in clothing.
             The economy in the 1950s boomed. As American citizens found their bank accounts and stocks rising, they began to live more luxuriously. The "American Dream- helped facilitate the loose spending of the 1950s. Every family yearned for a white picket fence, a suburban house, and green lawns. Because the men had just returned from war, they had taken over the jobs that were previously occupied by their female counterparts, the women returned to their kitchens. Thus, the amount of children being born was on the increase, and families had to purchase more goods to support the baby boom. Furniture, dishwashers, and washing machines were innovative, popular items that helped ease the drudgery of household chores. In this way, large companies such as General Electric saw their business skyrocket.

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