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Changes during the fifties and sixties

            Changes During the Fifties and Sixties.
             When the fifties and sixties were talking shape the Second World War had just ended, America was going through a reconstruction process and many changes began to take place all over the world. Major issues were being faced and problems were in the works of becoming solved. Other areas also took on new forms and people around the world were trying to find peace in all that they had lost. Although only twenty years in each the fifties and sixties experienced many new things that influenced people. The changes that occurred during the fifties and sixties are the way that people dresses, the architecture that was built and the music that was listened to saw numerous amounts of new beings. .
             The designers of the fifties started to focus more on the shape of the woman's body, and also began to incorporate the time of the day into the new designs. In the early fifties the average woman would be seen wearing straight, slender dress and pants that had to be worn with a corset to hold everything in. The outfit was not totally complete unless the proper types of gloves were worn. The glove was an important factor to any outfit. Most gloves that were worn during the day were leather and covered the wrist. The type of shoe that was seen was a thin stiletto heel. The evening collections consisted of dresses that are seen today, mostly at Christmas time, proms, and formal events. The most common was a strapless, tight-bodice, full bouffant, dress that came in a range of colors of blues to reds. The dress was again incomplete if it was worn without gloves. The evening style of glove was made of satin or camisole, and came in a large range of colors that matched the dress. These gloves were no longer then the elbow and no shorter .
             then the forearm. A man's dress did not really start to change until later in the decade. The collared shirt, front pleated pants, tie made the workday outfit.

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