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The World Of Rock

             For the last fifty years Rock n" Roll has been the dominant musical style listened to and admired by the American people. When Rock came about, it was the music that parents of American teenagers didn't know or like; being a Rock & Roll fan was a way to rebel against the parents and a way to differentiate between the two generations. But as years went by Rock "n" Roll was accepted into the society and was recognized to be a form of art. Throughout American history, Rock has united people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds into a group of fans. For some people, Rock "n" Roll became a way of life, for others it became a way of escaping the reality of the real world. Rock "n" Roll has gone through censorship to wide spread popularity. It has been modified and improved; different genres of Rock "n" Roll had been established. Rock has meant a great deal lot to people over the years; it became a part of American culture with its traditions and values. The focus of this essay is to illustrate how Rock evolved in the last fifty years and how the change in Rock and Roll reflected on the society in those years. .
             Rock n" Roll was originated in the United States in the 1950's when rhythm and blues was combined with country music and some elements of jazz. The lyrics were simple and catchy, themed around love, loss of love and teenage rebellion. African-American singers were the first ones to play Rock and Roll. Soon, production studios became interested in the style of music and introduced it to America. At first teenagers were the primary listeners of Rock "n" Roll. For teenagers, listening to Rock and Roll became a way of being part of something, as well a way to rebel against the standards of society. As Rock and Roll became more popular among teenagers, white artists began to play in the style of Rock "n" Roll. The first white rock n" roller was Elvis Presley. At first, Presley outraged the older generation with his vulgar rebellious behavior and sexual gestures.

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