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The rock music history

            Music is such an essential thing for life as water. What if the music didn't exist? The truth is I cannot think how horrible life would be, because life would have no meaning without melodies, which reflect your feelings and thoughts instead of using words. Music is everywhere, in your car while you"re traveling, in your house while you"re relaxing, in the parties while you"re dancing and forgetting about the whole world around you. But most importantly it is in your heart; the rhythm of your heart is a good example of how the music is essential for humanity. Why do you think people listen to different types of music? The answer is simple: Because people have different personalities. People choose the music, which would better reflect their own personality and life style.
             Bass guitars, electro guitars, classical guitars and the drums These are the basic instruments of rock music, the music that makes you cry, shout, dance and cheer. It is a different genre of music, which makes you feel lots of different emotions at the same time. Most of the books written about rock music, explains the rock music as a meeting of country music and R&B. However, this definition doesn't fit to nowadays rock music. Today's rock music is not based on only country music and R&B. As we all know, rock music has lots of genres such as punk, alternative, soft rock, hard rock, heavy metal, death metal, nu metal. Have you ever wondered how they had been invented and who the mythical musicians of the rock music were?.
             Let's flashback to 50's when rock music started to be showed off. Rock and roll had been first played by Chuck Berry in 1955. Berry was a black man. Even though a resistance against black musicians by the white people, the music industry soon understood that there was a huge place for black musicians and what they did was wrong.
             People have overcome their own social prejudice and racial barriers. Besides, the music industry promoted idols such as Elvis Presley who was later called the King of Rock"n Roll.

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