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History of Rock Music

             Rock and society have gone hand in hand throughout the eras of rock and music. Rock, once thought as an absurd sound coming from speakers, is now an emotional catalyst to many people in need of some sort of feeling expressed through words and guitars. The change that occurred in rock music is at a parallel path in change to the society that listened to its music. From Elvis Presley to the Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, rock has evolved to the degree that society has progressed to, from sock-hop appearances to extreme radicals seen at heavy metal concerts. However, just as rock has flourished with its change, so has its listening counterpart in society.
             The first sounds of rock and roll were heard in the 1950's when a man named Chuck Berry gave rock and roll its style and persona. This prototype sound had been evolved from previous era's folk music. His impact on society was rather interesting since he was a black man making an emotional impact to young white teens during a period of serious racial tension throughout the country. His lyrics talked about new ideas in a new way to a new audience. His music also began the era in which many parents of young teens pleaded to their children that the music he played was trash and not artistic. Following Berry was the king of rock and roll himself, Elvis Presley. Though Elvis Presley really didn't sing as many rock and roll songs as people thought, he has been classified the king of rock and roll. His music somewhat represented that of country, however it impacted society like no one has ever seen. Presley was more than just a sound; he was a visual marvel as he amplified rock and roll to a new level. Elvis shaking his pelvis around the stage was more than enough to cause uproar throughout society. His antics would cause elders in society to dub his music and rock and roll in general as "devil music." Over time however, society began to love and embrace him as the landmark of a new era in music, rock and roll.

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