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The Influence of music upon society

             "The Influence of Music upon Society".
             Introduction .
             One of the reasons I wanted to do this paper was the fact that my life, basically, is surrounded by music. .
             Whether it's a song, or the history of the artist that wrote that song, or even the pack of cigarettes the a known artist was smoking during it's first years in music college; my life is surrounded by music.
             So I started thinking of the power that music has over me. And then, I remembered that I"m not that special.
             I"m just one teenager in six billion people; so, if music had a very big impact on my life, wouldn't it be fair to speculate that it had a similar impact on a larger scale?.
             I really think it did. .
             Over the last forty or fifty years music has been one of the biggest influential factors in teenage society. So, there's no problem in assuming that our present adult society is built with some of the ideas formed in these early years of modern music (the fifties & sixties to be exact); and that the future adult society will be influenced by the different views of the present teenage society.
             What I"m going to do is try and illustrate a short and accurate history of music and the influence each period has brought; weather it was political, social, psychological or physical , I"m going to try to equally show the positive and the negative sides of the "story" .
             The Beginning.
             "There is nothing before Elvis" this American saying is far from rite; but nevertheless you have to give it credit for one thing: Cult.
             Before Elvis everyone would literally fancy music just for its ability to make them comfortable at parties or at festivities or just for having something to hear on the radio when listening out of boredom. .
             But, when Elvis came out it was like music never existed as the real powerful force that it was. (When I say "Elvis" I refer not only to the singer/songwriter but I"m also trying to find a general term for all the names that contributed to the birth of Rock and Roll -> Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc ).

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