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The Evolution of Gospel Music

             This monograph attempts to know the origin of the term Gospel, the origins, the Gospel socio-cultural, gender issues and the impact of Gospel Music on other genres of secular music. The influence of gospel music on modern music and its exponents is discussed. A short list of singers and Christian music bands, Christian record labels and companies like Canzion Group and Kindred Productions and secular projects supported by Christians such as Universal Music and important events of international awards to contemporary gospel music have also been focused upon. .
             Introduction .
             The gospel, spiritual music or gospel music, music emerged in African-American churches in the eighteenth century. It became popular during the 1930's and turned out to be different from traditional music like Christian hymns (Collins 2000: 23-25). Godspell is a Castilian word that literally translates as History of God. However, it can also be translated as Announcing the History of God. This form of singing was so named because it was a gospel or good new song with which it was possible to invite people to God. The lyrics often reflect the values of Christian life. .
             The sharp division between blacks and whites in the US, especially among churches of whites and blacks, led to separate both branches of gospel. This separation was never absolute and in modern times, this separation is considered an error, because it goes against the principles of Christianity. This is a musical genre characterized by the dominant use of choirs together with an excellent use of harmony. Among the subgenres, we have the Traditional Gospel, Reggae Gospel and Rap Gospel, etc (Collins 2000: 23-25). .
             Some interpreters, like Mahalia Jackson, have been limited to acting only in Christian contexts, while others like the Rev. Timothy Wright and Clara Ward have performed in other places including nightclubs. Many like Al-Green, Solomon-Burke or Aretha-Franklin do both Christian and secular music; it is customary to introduce Christian songs in non-religious occasions.

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