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Social Conflicts in the 1920s

            "Discuss the social conflicts in three of the following four areas: Nativism, religion, gender roles, and prohibition.".
             Social conflicts were seen in Religion, Prohibition, and Nativism, .
             Divisions among Protestants reflected the tensions in society between the traditional values of rural areas and the modernizing forces of the cities. A range of influences, including the changing role of women, the social gospel movement, and scientific knowledge, caused large numbers of Protestants to define their faith in new ways. This was modernism, which was the historical and critical view of certain passages in the Bible and they modernists then believed that they could accept Darwin's theory of Evolution without abandoning their Religious faiths. This ideal was influenced by the changing of the roles of women, the social gospel movement and scientific knowledge. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there was fundamentalism and the revivalists. Fundamentalism was based on creationism. Protestant preachers in rural areas condemned the modernists and taught that every word in the Bible must be accepted as literally true. A key point in the fundamentalist doctrine was that creationism (the idea that God had created the universe in seven days, as stated in the book of Genesis) explained the origin of all life. Fundamentalists blamed the liberal views of modernists for causing a decline in morals. Modernists contracted the same views. Ever sense the Great awakening of the early 1700s, there had been periodic religious revivals in America. Revivalists of the 1920s preached a fundamentalists message but did so for the first time making full use of the new instrument of mass communication, the radio. The leading evangelists were Billy Sunday, who drew large crowds as he attacked Drinking, gambling, and dancing; and Aimee Semple McPherson, who condemned the twin evils of communism and jazz music from her pulpit in Los Angeles.

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